Greetings Family and Friends 

I thank God for this great opportunity to address you as the host of the Dove Family Reunion. I represent the Legacy in which all the branches extend from, but most of all I represent GOD who is the head of my life and the beginning of it all. I am a strong believer that a Family that Prays together stays together. We have a great history of our family roots.  On this website I challenge each and every one of you to visit each tab and learn more about  

our Family. In 2007 a Lawyer & Etta Dove Scholarship Memorial Foundation was created. The Lawyer & Etta Dove Scholarship Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of parents and successful youth that want to help another youth enhance their education opportunities. Knowledge and productivity work best as a partnership. We are trying to inspire and motivate students and to challenge a college of their choice to reach their full potential.  This scholarship foundation is designated to support outstanding students in the community that want to enhance their education at a college/university of their choice. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of proven academic excellence, membership in school activities, and participation in a church in their community and financial need.
Please encourage your children and their children to do help us to keep the Legacy alive, so that our children and theirs' will come to know their family and understand the true value of having such a great legacy.
Last but not least stay strong in the LORD and keep the FAITH, believe in

the promises of God, continue to develop spiritually, physically and mentally. Take care of your self, exercise, eat well and see a doctor; after all, we want to see you at many reunions to come. We look forward to seeing you once again 2015  in Trenton and Las Vegas.

May God Bless You and Keep You until we meet again.
Wanda R. Toodle
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